Design Line

  • High-quality items in stainless steel.
  • When not in use, fold-up supports featuring the innovative EasyClick mechanism are simple to remove for added flexibility.
  • Handles are extremely sturdy and ensure safety in everyday life (TÜV approval for 130 kg, CE mark).


Function Line

  • Ergonomic, rounded handles offering a pleasant and firm grip.
  • Robust, powder-coated aluminium prevents corrosion and ensures durability.
  • Less cut edges ensure a smooth surface that is particularly easy to clean.
  • Load-bearing capacity of the handles confirmed by TÜV testing institute (130 kg, CE mark).


Seating for the shower

  • High-quality production in a modern, appealing design.
  • Soft-Stop mechanism for gentle lowering of the seat. 
  • Water drains off the folding seat effectively even when it is opened out. 
  • High load-bearing capacity (160 kg approved by TÜV, CE mark) ensures complete safety.
  • Enables comfortable personal hygiene in a seated position.


Factsheet ViCare