Hygienic and practical.

  • Fully-automatic flushing and economic volume adjustment thanks to two-zone sensors and time tracking.
  • Alternatively: touchless operation by means of gestures or manual operation for individual control of the flush volume.
  • Adjustment of features by app via integrated Bluetooth.
  • Tool-free setting of the large flush volume via app.

Automatic detection

  • User recognition
  • Pre-flush
  • Distance detection

Automatic flush

  • Detection of duration of use
  • Automatic flush volume adjustment
  • Touchless or manual flush volume control
  • Button function

Additional features and control

  • Hygienic intermittent flushing
  • Compliance with EN806-5
  • Settings via mobile app
  • Lighting adjustment
  • Adjustment of flush volume by means of an app

Direct adjustment of flush volume for TwistFlush via button in the app.

  • Adjusting the flush volume for the TwistFlush technology is a particularly simple matter.
  • A corresponding button in the app provides a user-friendly means of adjusting the flush volume. 
  • ProActive+ and TwistFlush stand for particularly effective and thorough cleaning – making the toilet brush very much a thing of the past.

Factsheet ProActive+