NEW: Rectangular washbasins.

The rectangular washbasin shape expands the scope for individual bathroom planning.

The new shapes are available as:

  • Classic wall-mounted washbasins in widths of 55, 60 and 65 cm – also available as a built-in/ surface-mounted version.
  • Space-saving handwashbasins, 45 and 50 cm wide - the 45 cm washbasin is also available as a built-in/ surface-mounted version.
  • Compact handwashbasins for guest bathrooms,
    36 x 25 cm and 50 x 25 cm.


NEW: Wall-mounted toilets in teardrop shape.

  • Classic teardrop shape.
  • Rimless DirectFlush technology.
  • Optional with CeramicPlus and AntiBac.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be combined with all conventional toilet seats.
  • Particularly harmonious effect with matching Villeroy&Boch toilet seats.


New: Floor-standing toilets with DirectFlush.

  • Rimless DirectFlush technology.
  • Optionally with CeramicPlus. 
  • Wash-down and wash-out models, with horizontal or vertical outlet, suitable for almost any interior scenario.
  • Perfect for the diverse requirements in project business.


DirectFlush technology.

  • Thorough cleaning thanks to precise water flow.
  • Precise, splash-free flushing of the entire inner bowl.
  • Better flushing than required by the EN 977* standard.
  • Practically germ-free flushing - as confirmed by the Hygiene Institute “IZORE – Centre for Infectious Diseases Friesland”.

* EN 997 defines an unflushed area of 85 mm below the upper edge for rimless WCs.

Factsheet O.novo